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Producers Guild's ProShow Competition Picks 11 Finalists (Exclusive)

Five feature, three reality-TV and three online projects will compete for development deals at Fox International, Ryan Seacrest Productions and Maker Studios


Published: May 13, 2013 @ 3:00 pm
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By Steve Pond

The Producers Guild of America announced the 11 finalists in the 2013 Producers Showcase competition on Monday, with five feature films, three reality television projects and three online projects competing for prize packages and development deals.

The competition, also called ProShow, is open to producers who are working to get film, television or online projects off the ground. The finalists will receive award packages worth more than $20,000, along with free admission to the 2013 Produced By Conference, which will take place on June 8 and 9 at 20th Century Fox.

One winner in each category will be announced at the conference, and will receive development deals with Fox International Pictures (feature film category), Ryan Seacrest Productions (reality television category) and Maker Studios (online category).

ProShow logoThe ProShow competition is in its fourth year, and is designed to offer up-and-coming producers the chance to work with top producers, financiers and distributors.

This is the first year for ProShow’s Reality Television and Online Content categories.

Finalists were chosen by members of the PGA’s International Committee and by representatives from the three development sponsors.

The ProShow competition is sponsored by TheWrap and Final Draft, and the finalists were announced exclusively on TheWrap's Twitter account:

Feature Film category (development sponsor: Fox International Productions)
“Coming About,” Joyce Cox
“Fool Me Twice,” James D. Brubaker
“Jack of the Red Hearts,” Lucy Mukerjee
“The Girl Who Owned the City,” Bandi Savitt
“Vera,” Noam Dromi

Reality Television category (development sponsor: Ryan Seacrest Productions)
“The Next Dragon,” Janell Vila Smith
“Scandalous,” Darian Ward
“Hollywood Moms,” Chris Dupre and Rotimi Rainwater

Online Content category (development sponsor: Maker Studios)
“Cartoon Block,” A.J. Vargas and Evan Burse
“Double D Girls,” Zach Wilson
“Supermom,” Kelly McKendry and Cheryl Conway


The Next Dragon "First Teaser" with contestants Caitlin Dechelle and Marc Canonizado




Budomate.com Interview with The Next Dragon's Rudy Reyes


The Next Dragon, the new action reality show

Martial Arts Movies, Kung Fu Films, Karate Movies

Published on February 13, 2011 in InterviewsMovie News - bruce lee kung fu next dragon rudy reyes

Who will be… THE NEXT DRAGON October 12, 2010 by gray Filed under featured, shorts/features


Who will be… THE NEXT DRAGON

October 12, 2010 by gray   
Filed under featuredshorts/features

W&S had the privilege to serve as AD and camera operator on the concept pilot for new martial arts reality show “The Next Dragon,” currently under development by Iron Dragon Productions and Innovative Renderworks. Special thanks to producers Arnie Reyes and Janell Smith as well as director Marcel Rodriguez. Congratulations to host Rudy Reyes and cast and crew!


Press for The Next Dragon LLC




The Next Dragon Auditions at the DCAC in Houston

The Next Dragon Auditions will be held on Friday April 16th & Saturday April 17th from 6pm - 8:30pm at the DCAC Fitness convention! While casting for this season will be restricted to ages 16-35 we encourage all ages to come and audition now for our future seasons!

Location:JW Marriott Hotel Houston: 5150 Westeimer, Houston, TX. 77056. Conveniently located in the heart of the Galleria District and 7 miles west of downtown, stands the impressive 23-story JW Marriott Hotel. We will have our banner up at the location to show where the auditions are being held. phone:512-507-9264 for more info or visit our website at www.thenextdragon.com.



The Next Dragon on Austin LIVE - K-EYE TV

Lights!  Camera! And LOTS of action!  Producers of a new martial arts show "The Next Dragon" are hoping to make Austin the next big action film hub.  The reality show claims to be reaching out worldwide for talent, but the "homegrown" Austin producer Janell Vela Smith wants Austin to be prominently featured in this and future made-for-TV projects.  Locals who think they have what it takes to be in the new martial arts series will have a chance to audition for The Next Dragon January 29th and 30th at the Lone Star Open. Click here to view the interview.



Preliminary Rounds to be held at the Lone Star Open

Preliminary rounds for The Next Dragon will be held at the Lone Star Open on January 29th and 30th 2010 at the Renaissaince Hotel in Austin Texas. Registration to participate in the show is required. Please visit official website for the Lone Star Open for more details about the event.



Knockout International Press Release

IRON DRAGON PRODUCTIONS and INNOVATIVE RENDERWORX is in development for a brand new reality Show. The Next Dragon. Have you got what it takes to be The Next Dragon?



IIMAA Training Conference Press Release

ACTION MOVIE CASTING CALL - Ever dream of being an action star or doing stunts for film and television? Well, everyone in the business starts somewhere and the IIMAA Training Conference may be that "somewhere" for you!



Kung Fu Shen Chi Blog

Janell Vela Smith - Quisiera que todos los alumnos de la escuela y visitantes de esto blog conozcan a Janell Vela Smith, mas conocida como "Iron Dragon Girl".



UCW Radio Interview

Lou Velasquez interviews The Next Dragon producer Janell Vela Smith.



Austin American Statesman 360 Blogs: 2009 Fortunate 500 Movies

Janell Vela-Smith. Fighting Stunts Association, Innovative Renderworx, Spiderwood Studios