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Film/TV/Web Producer, Fitness, Martial Arts, Personal Training, Kickboxing Instructor

Author of upcoming book: Awakening the Dragon Within

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ABOUT ME "Sometimes a teacher, forever a student" I enjoy gaining knowledge about myself and using the world as a mirror. My interests include martial arts, training, weight lifting, teaching fitness classes, music, dancing, reading, writing, painting, drawing and cooking. I especially enjoy martial arts films, good sake and fine wines! I design clothes, wedding rings and wedding gowns. I like anything original! Anything that contributes to me becoming the best Janell possible. I love feeding my mind but as with all things I am a typical dragon. I throw myself into whatever my current passion or interest is. I am VERY passionate about life and living. Martial Arts is a big part of who I am. We only get one chance...make it count. What we do in life...echoes in eternity!!!! "...Martial arts means HONESTLY expressing yourself" - Bruce Lee Public Relations for Innovative Renderworx Based in Austin, Texas, Innovative Renderworx is an independent filmmaking studio that is setting a new standard in creative storytelling. With several short films to our credit and even more ambitious projects on the horizon, Innovative Renderworx is poised to become a global entertainment company. Visit the main studio site @: Innovative Renderworx is determined to become a global entertainment company that will deliver the very best in powerful storytelling. We invite you to experience our films and we hope that you will not only be entertained, but inspired. I currently assist with Public Relations for the company and am utilizing my expertise to futher the efforts of CEO Rene Hinojosa. Visit the site for our current produciton Templar: Honor Among Thieves @: Director of provides Stunt Coordinators and Action Actors/Stunt Performers throughout the world with comprehensive, inside, stunt-related production information on new action feature films, television shows and live action stunt auditions. Post your information: By posting their shows in Stunt Contact, Producers, Casting Directors, Stunt Coordinators and Entertainment Directors are able to reach the entire stunt community - from veteran professionals to young qualified up-and-coming new talent. Please visit our website @ for more information. We provide training and projects for those interested in the action film industry. CEO Iron Dragon Productions This company provides TukongCombat Kickboxing Certification Workshops for those interested in a Professional career in the Fitness Industry. The Certification is through the World Tukong Moosul Federation(WTMF) in Austin, Texas. I hold several Black Belts and I bring my expertise in this field to the Fitness Industry. I have combined my love and passion for the Martial Arts and the Professional Fitness Industry and I have created a new fresh approach to Kickboxing which incorporates cool choreography, bag work and conditioning. CREDENTIALS: CERTIFICATIONS WORLD TUKONG MOOSUL FEDERATION 3rd DEGREE BLACK BELT WORLD TAEKWONDO FEDERATION 1ST DEGREE BLACK BELT PERSONAL TRAINER CERT-AAAI/ISMA CERT .. 00-53628 AMERICAN AEROBIC ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL SPORTS MEDICINE ASSOCIATION GROUP EXERCISE INSTRUCTOR CERT .. 955808 -AFAA AEROBIC AND FITNESS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA JONHNNY G SPINNING INSTRUCTOR CERT .. 40384 INTERNATIONAL KICKBOXING INSTRUCTOR CERTIFIED FREEMOTION GROUP FITNESS INSTRUCTOR CERTIFIED ADULT/PEDIATRIC CPR CERTIFIED EXP. 06/23/2008 MEMBERSHIPS: UNITED STATES TAEKWONDO UNION MEMBER WORLD TUKONG MOOSUL FEDERATION HONORS | AWARDS (MARTIAL ARTS) : 2002 NATIONAL TAEKWONDO CHAMPION KOREAN MARTIAL ARTS HOUSTON CUP - MARCH 2001 GOLD MEDAL - AUGUST 2001, SUN LEE TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIPS GOLD MEDAL - SEPT. 2001,STATE CHAMPION STATE TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIPS GOLD MEDAL - FEB. 2002, PAN AMERICAN FOUNDATION MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIPS GOLD MEDAL - MARCH 2002, KOREAN MARTIAL ARTS HOUSTON CUP GOLD MEDAL - APRIL 2002, STATE CHAMPION TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIPS GOLD MEDAL - MAY 2002 UNITED STATES TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIPS NATIONAL CHAMPION GOLD MEDAL - AUG. 2002, CHUNG'S 15TH ANNUAL TKD CHAMPIONSHIPS GOLD MEDAL - OCT. 2002 22ND ANNUAL FORT WORTH INTERNATIONAL TKD CHAMPIONSHIPS-REGIONAL CHAMPION GOLD MEDAL JANUARY 2003 - 2004 COMPETED IN AMATEUR ORGANIZATION OPEN KARATE


Fox 7 News in Austin with Lorianna Hernandez


Iron Dragon at 2010 Fitness Convention in Houston DCAC



The Best You in 2011!

Austin, Texas, A super cool "Fitness Conscience" City.  With so many options on things to do to stay Fit and Healthy, I think sometimes it must be confusing on where to start.  The Best place to start is where you are at!  Once you have decided to make Health and Fitness apart of your life, make it an adventure.  Find new ways to stay motivated.  Start out simple with a walk.  Then, take a look at your nutrition.  Are you eating for fuel or for something else.  I am not saying don't enjoy your food but take a careful look at what you eat and how often you eat.  If weight loss is one of your first goals for 2011, simply cut back a few calories a day and add an extra cardio session.  Trust me, once you start and you realize how much better you feel it wont be a chore.  Just a good change on the road to becoming the BEST you!

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